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Sheet Magnifier

A sheet magnifier, also popularly known as a magnifying sheet, is used to allow a user to see things clearer and with bigger sizes. It is a sheet of acrylic or PVC that magnifies pretty much anything you put behind it. It is like a more portable and lightweight magnifying glass.


The thickness of a sheet magnifier made from acrylic or PVC greatly varies. There are magnifiers as thin as .4mm and as thick as 2mm. Some manufacturers may claim to have magnifying sheets that are thinner than that.


These magnifying sheets come in all shapes and sizes. As far as shapes go, you have the standard rectangular or square sheets. However, you are not limited to these two shapes.

You have other choices like circle, oval, and heart. Though sheet magnifiers can be cut in different styles, the choice of the design is very important to the user’s comfort. Circle, oval, and heart shapes are good designs, but are not best as far as holding the magnifier is concerned.



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As for sizes, a magnifying sheet is like the variety of paper sizes; the sizes are limitless. If you need big sheets, you can choose from legal, letter and A4. If you want something smaller, you can go for sheets half the size of legal, letter, and A4.


If you want even smaller and handier magnifying sheets, you can get the credit card-sized sheet magnifier or the bookmark-sized magnifier. Smaller ones like the credit card-sized offer more portability and convenience. You can carry it anywhere at anytime.


The most important fact about the magnifying sheets is the magnification strength or power they offer. The smallest magnification out there is around 1.8x. You then have the 2x magnification and the 3x magnification. Those are the most common magnifications available in the market.


The main reason you would buy a magnifying sheet is to help you see a something better. You might want to see a map clearer. Or you might want to read a book with a small font size. Whatever your reasons are for wanting to buy a sheet magnifier, here are some things that could help you with that purchase.


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As previously mentioned, magnifying sheets are made of either PVC or acrylic plastic. Acrylic is generally known to be almost as clear as glass. This can give you a clearer view of what’s behind the magnifying sheet.


Sheet magnifiers don’t just come as they are: sheets of PVC or acrylic. Some actually come in frames and handles of various colors and shapes. Some also come with handles that make for easier usage.



These kinds of magnifier sheets are great to give as giveaways or gifts. If you are not satisfied with what you see available, you can always have some custom made. That is the really great thing about buying online: you can easily contact the manufacturer regarding custom orders. You can be creative with the design you want for your magnifying sheets.


Having eyesight of less than 20/20 should not hinder you from enjoying the various printed media available. It also shouldn’t discourage you from living the life you want to live. If you need a supplement for your glasses, or if you just don’t want to strain your eyes, you can always turn to a handy sheet magnifier.


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